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I cannot imagine doing business today without a website. Being able to present your products/services to your target market online lets anyone interested find you and browse your site. This can save you and your visitors much time in email or phone exchanges. Since many (for whatever reason) will not become customers, it lets you spend your time with more serious prospects who inquire after visiting your site. Some of my horses for sale generated thousands of ad views; my site proved to be an invaluable and successful selling tool for me, as I believe it can be for just about any business!

I offer a variety of services to my clients, including original website design/layout, graphics, creation, maintenance/updates, photo editing, photo shoots, flyer design, ad photo collages, pedigree research, marketing write-ups, and online ad placement. I have helped many clients market their horses for sale or stallion breeding services, but I have also done websites on a number of other topics - the sky is the limit.

I would be happy to discuss your needs with you! References gladly provided.

Website Creation
I can build you a website you'll love, from the ground up

I start by getting a feel for the client's "style" - colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons, headers, graphics, slideshows, photo galleries, animations - the general "look and feel" that they prefer for their personalized website. Then I fine-tune that until I have a site that pleases them, then finish adding the content - photos, text, pedigrees, forms, etc. - perfecting the layout, links and information that will be included.

Below are samples of some websites I've worked on; feel free to browse around for ideas. I've done many more than these, but tried to select a representative variety here as examples. I take pride in my work, and my clients tell me they get lots of compliments from their site visitors. Look for the "Email Us" button or link on their sites to reach any of these clients, and ask how they like my website services if you're interested in hearing their references. Custom websites designed and built, starting at $450.
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Flyer Design/Ad Collages
Spark up your advertising a bit!

Just a photo may not be enough to present the image you would like to. First impressions are everything - so be sure to make a great one! Below are samples of some full page ads/flyers, and a number of photo collages for online advertising that I've done. Full page flyer design starts at $200, flyer with matching business card design starts at $250.
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Stallion/Foals Flyer
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Horses For
Sale Flyer
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Ranch Flyer
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Ranch Production
Sale Flyer
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Stallion Flyer
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Business Card
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Coupon/Flyer &
Business Card

Basic ad collages like the samples below are $35.
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Break Free Collars
Check out our breakaway puppy litter ID collars and custom dog collars, leashes and other products

Break Free CollarsBreak Free Collars

More Info on Services
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Our Horses
ALL our horses are negative (N/N) for ALL known/testable stock horse disorders - we refuse to knowingly breed horses with genetic diseases/defects!

Shesa Silver Jewel aka 'Mocha'
Shesa Silver Jewel aka 'Mocha'
Shesa Silver Jewel - 2006 Mare

Hollywood Dun It Granddaughter

AQHA/FQHA Smoky Grulla
(True Black + Dun + Cream Dilutions)
Gypsys Prescription aka 'Brandi'
Gypsys Prescription aka 'Brandi'
Gypsys Prescription - 2006 Mare

Hancock/Blue Valentine/Docs Prescription Bred

AQHA/ICHR/FQHA Homozygous Black Gene
Sable Roan Champagne (E/E At/a)
Hickory Dun Classic aka 'Kory'
Hickory Dun Classic aka 'Kory'
Hickory Dun Classic - 2010 Stallion
Sold - Reference Sire

High Brow Hickory Grandson out of a Docs Prescription Granddaughter - True black base + champagne + dun!

AQHA/ICHR/FQHA Classic Grullo Champagne (aka Champagne Grullo, Grulla Champagne or Classic Dun Champagne)


I think it is important to help spread the word on some "newer" (having tests developed recently to screen for) disorders that many folks have not heard about or been educated on the need to test for yet. Some of these, in my opinion, are the "new HYPP" and everyone buying, selling, or breeding horses, should educate themselves on this topic! We have had ALL of our horses tested for HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH. (No Impressive lines/No HYPP.) We were very lucky that ours were all NEGATIVE for all the defects, and will never produce carriers or affected foals when bred to negative mates in the future. See each horse's page for links to their ACTUAL LAB RESULTS CERTIFICATES. (If a seller is honest and has nothing to hide, they will be willing to test AND share their horses' results certificates too!)

Please consider this article or others available in your own research, as an ethical and responsible breeder/seller or educated buyer!

Horses We Once Owned
A Photo Gallery Tribute to "All The Pretty Horses" that are no longer in our lives

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